Market analysis

Our company provides marketing research services using extensive data collection resources to implement plans of concerned parties (foreign investor, domestic distributor, dealer) who want to become a participant in the medical market of the Republic of Kazakhstan. This work will include information on analogues and competitors, prices, retail and wholesale sales, tenders conducted over the past 3-5 years to identify the prospects and risks of implementing a particular product.

The integrated stages of the market analysis are as follows:

✓ Analysis of the size, dynamics and potential of the market development

✓ Market trend research, market segmentation and the identification of key segments

✓ Competitive market analysis

✓ Price analysis and general economic market analysis

✓ Analysis of the structure of distribution of goods on the market

✓ Analysis of advertising methods, methods of promotion and support of goods on the market

✓ Analysis of demand, key needs and characteristics of buyers’ behavior in the market

✓ Identification of the main market and consumer trends