MISSION. To provide effective work and quality service to our partners. Assistance in expanding the range and quality of medical services in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

STRATEGY. Organised nature, attention to details, market knowledge and only highly-qualified personnel are the main criteria for achieving results.

OBJECTIVE. To become a major supplier of services in the field of registration of medical authorization documents. To expand the portfolio and geolocation.


Blitz Medica is a company that keeps up with the times, where there is a well-coordinated, successful team of professionals are fond of their work who understands the peculiarities of the modern market and make full use of their experience, knowledge and potential for the development of our Customers’ business.

We take care of all the necessary documentation, as well as we help to minimize the time for passing the examination. We guarantee to our Customers that the registration procedure and preparation of documents will pass by all the rules and in accordance with the official requirements of the authorized bodies.

We use an individual approach in our work, taking into account the needs and wishes of each of our Customers. Our financial policy provides a flexible system of discounts and a high culture of calculations.